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Why choose Mink Lash Vendor USA If you are an American?

Why choose Mink Lash Vendor USA If you are an American?

First, your local supplier knows your market very well.
Most eyelash suppliers say that you should buy the best-selling eyelashes on the market, but the popular styles vary in different countries. Therefore, you should choose an American mink eyelash supplier, which will provide the best mink eyelashes in your local market. This way you can buy the right style of mink eyelashes and easily sell them out.

Secondly, they will solve all the problems you encounter through professional measures.
You will encounter too many problems in the business area. As a professional eyelash supplier, they will help solve the problems that customers encounter during the ordering process.
First of all, the quality of your mink eyelashes is different from the sample you received.
Most of our buyers say they have encountered this problem. The sample orders they received are good, but they are not good for bulk orders. This is because they use North Korean eyelashes and cannot control the quality.
Second, they do not have a quality control team. Therefore, you should choose an identified eyelash supplier for cooperation. As a local eyelash supplier, they have accumulated a good reputation in the long-term cooperative relationship. They will be very reliable and do not have to worry about being deceived.

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Second, delay shipping your eyelashes and eyelash packaging.
Some eyelash suppliers cannot ship your eyelashes and eyelash packaging in time. Due to their insufficient stock of eyelashes, they are usually a second wholesale foreign trade company, rather than a real mink eyelash wholesale factory, which means you can’t get cheap wholesale prices.

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Third, steal money.
This is a bad thing our customers have encountered, but few people have seen it. There are some small eyelash wholesalers who only charge money and do not ship them. You will not be able to contact them afterwards. So you should find an honest mink eyelash supplier to become your own supplier.
Fourth, your package is damaged.

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There are two reasons:
First of all, the quality of the eyelash boxes you ordered is not good. They are too cheap and can easily be damaged by express delivery.
Secondly, using a cheap courier company, violent transportation will cause damage to the box.

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