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Why Are We The Best Quality Eyelash Packaging Wholesale?

Why Are We The Best Quality Eyelash Packaging Wholesale?

Nowadays, the role of the Eyelash Packaging is not only to protect the eyelashes, but also a great way to promote the brand. You can get extra benefits by designing Eyelash Boxes here. Every business wants to Custom Eyelash Packaging for their mink eyelashes.

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First of all, our box is 1.5cm high, which can be used for mink eyelashes of 16-30mm. The height of 1.5cm can protect the eyelashes from bending and deforming in the box. However, in order to save raw materials, many custom box factories will make the height of the box. At 1.2cm, many fluffy styles of street eyelashes will be squeezed and deformed in the box, which will have lost the original meaning of the box.

Wholesale Eyelash Packaging

Moreover, our box uses a very pure magnet stone as the switch. The powerful magnet of the box will keep the eyelashes box closed even when it is shaken or shaken. However, some suppliers will choose cheap magnets so that the eyelashes and eyelashes will open very easily. But it cannot be closed tightly.

Custom Eyelash Box Packaging

We have specially launched a series of customized boxes with mirrors for customers who prefer boxes with mirrors. We use real mirrors, which can perfectly show our faces, but in order to save costs and reduce the weight of the box, many suppliers often use fake mirrors-metal reflectors. Our face will deform inside, and this kind of mirror will make us feel dizzy.

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We are a professional custom box factory. The logo of the box is printed on the box. It is very strong and will destroy the logo unless organic solvents such as alcohol are used. There are many factories whose logo printing is not strong and the colors are not bright. Very easy to fall off.

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The minimum order quantity of customized boxes in our factory is only 30, which is far lower than the market’s minimum order quantity of 100, so that it can more fully meet the needs of customers and bring customers a better experience.

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At the same time, we have professional designers to provide free logo design services for custom box orders, which will speed up the transaction speed. We will strictly produce according to the design drawings agreed by customers, and bring customers a better shopping experience.

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