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Who is the reliable Lash Packaging Vendor?

Who is the reliable Lash Packaging Vendor?

Piaget Lashes Vendor have own Eyelash Packaging Manufactuer. we provide custom boxes can print your logo,moq just need 30pcs, we don’t recommond use logo stickers,make your lashes very low.the customer will not think that the lashes have a value of 20-30 dollar, please remember that even the best products also need good Eyelash Packaging .

Most Popular Eyelash Packaging

To find out if your chosen Eyelash Supplier is a trustworthy one, you can check in the following ways.


Most eyelash suppliers have this kind of service. As long as they have enough confidence in their eyelash products, they have the opportunity to offer Free Eyelash Samples to customers.


First, their eyelash samples are tested. If the results are significant, then their eyelashes should be given a try. The sample is the process of testing.


If you think they’re good, then a big order is next. In this order, if you find a big difference between the goods and the sample, then there is something wrong with their product. In other words, they’re not working with you in good faith.Lash Vendors


Because if a good eyelash supplier wants to work with you in good faith, then their samples will be consistent with the general merchandise in both appearance and quality.