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Which Lash Glue Pen Is Best?

Which Lash Glue Pen Is Best?

Many girls worry about the safety of eyelash glue. Will best eyelash glue hurt your eyes? Does best lash glue cause headaches? Is eyelash glue allergic? Those terrible problems really exist and not beautiful girls have to face. So be careful before using glue.

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Today, I will tell you the truth about these issues. And tell you how to choose the best eyelash glue. What kind of eyelash glue is good and qualified?
As we all know, eyelash glue pen contains phenylpropionic acid and other chemical ingredients, which generally do not harm the skin, but if you use inferior anti-glue, it will hurt your eyes and your eyes will shed tears, but you will not be blinded.

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So we should choose high-quality lash glue pen, so how to choose high-quality lash glue pen?
First of all, you can smell the glue, if they smell pungent, you can’t buy them, they are not the best eyelash glue.

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You should buy glue with MSDS and a certificate to prove its safety. To some extent, they are more expensive than inferior 3d mink eyelashes, but they won’t hurt your eyes and are worth it.

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