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What Kind of Lash Boxes Can we Make and How to Customize Your Own Eyelash Packaging?

What Kind of Lash Boxes Can we Make and How to Customize Your Own Eyelash Packaging?

Dear, first of all, I want to declare that all DIY Customized Eyelash Boxes are ordered with a minimum order quantity of 50.

Besides, the mink eyelash box factory produces boxes in mass production, because the process of making one box is the same as manufacturing 50 eyelash boxes.So sorry, we cannot produce a box example first to show you how it works. We will show you the definition of a lash box with your own logo to preview made by computer.

Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

About Manufacture Time
It usually takes 2-4 days to manufacture your DIY lash boxes. And it takes 5-7 days( to America, UK, Canada, Australia, France) to reach by FedEx.

Eyelash Packaging Wholesale

About Design
Please tell or show the pic to us of what kind of boxes you want. What colour outside, what colour inside. And please send me the logo or brand name you want to print on the front side.If it is the logo, it had better in png or pdf version. And if you don’t have a logo, please tell us what you want your logo to look like. Our designer will make previews according to your design lash boxes ideas.

Wholesale Eyelash Packaging

Custom Eyelash Packaging with MOQ(minimum order quantity) of 50
For some lash business beginners, 100 boxes may be too many at the beginning. To solve this, we have ordered some boxes in stock.Order over only 50 pieces, we could print the logo on the lash box, and could finish printing and ship out in 12-36 hours. The price is 3 dollars each.The box can be designed in any colour and style you want. As long as you can imagine, we can do our best.

Eyelash Box Vendors

Is partial payment acceptable?
Yes, partial payment is acceptable. For example, if doing 50 custom boxes to the USA, plus shipping, the total amount would be 3*50+40=190. Then you could pay $100 as a deposit, and when we finish manufacturing lash boxes, will show you pictures. And you could pay the left payment at that time.

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