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What is the price of 3D Mink Lash Wholesale?

What is the price of 3D Mink Lash Wholesale?

Well, if you buy the wholesale mink lashes, it do depends the quality and quantity. The higher quality mink lashes do cost higher than the bad mink lashes, also, the more the cheaper.

There are three type of mink lashes in the market:

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1st The luxury mink lashes.

Not every mink lashes vendor can produce Luxury Mink Lashes, the luxury mink lashes cost a lot than the other mink lashes.
They are real Siberian Mink Lashes, fluffy, soft, and vivid,and comfortable. Usually it will cost 6 USD to 12USD, and the retail price is 35 USA to 80 USD.

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2nd The top-grade mink lashes
These mink lashes are a little bit cheaper than the luxury mink lashes. And these mink lashes are the best seller in the market.
Most of people would buy them, we called them Affordable Mink Lashes. they are both cheap and good quality. Most of the girls can buy them easily.
Usually the top grad mink lashes cost 3 USD to 5 USD, and this is a reasonable wholesale price, which is made by hand with the real mink lashes fur.

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3rd The bad mink lashes.
There is two kinds of bad mink lashes in the market.
The first one, made by machine.
This kind of lashes are not as good as the one made by hand, and the lashes factory can produce too many pairs in a day.

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The second one, made of the other fur or material.
They never tell you the material of the lashes, and they lies,in fact they are not the real mink fur lashes. So that they are so cheap. Usually the bad mink lashes cost 1 USD to 2.5 USD, it depends on the quantity you order.

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