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New Products For Personal Use!

New Products For Personal Use!

Piaget Lahes is an excellent Lash Vendors USA. We know that updating is a necessary way for our products to continuously develop and optimize. We have launched three personal use suits, the prices are very affordable, and the suit products are very beautiful

Eyelash Packaging Vendors

1. Magnet eyelashes liquid eyeliner set

First is the new product, magnet eyelash eyeliner set! It includes 5 pairs of 16mm magnet eyelashes of different styles, 2 eyeliners, and 1 rose gold tweezers! And this set is only $14.99! After the order is successfully placed, the order will be issued by our Amazon warehouse in the United States, so the shipping time is very fast!

Magnet Eyelashes Set

2.4 Pair Eyelash Book Sets

This is a set that can hold four pairs of eyelashes! It includes four best-selling eyelash styles, a paper box printed with pink butterflies and four beautiful eyelash brushes! The price is also very surprising, only 9.9 US dollars! amazing! And the shipping is free! buy it!
3.16 Pair Large Eyelash Book Sets
Many customers will ask us if we have an eyelash book, now we have it, and the price is $19.9! Including 16 pairs of best-selling eyelashes and a special butterfly book! Shipping is free! And this eyelash book has a large transparent window, just like the transparent window that shows your eyelashes!