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Mistakes People Make When Wearing Wigs

Mistakes People Make When Wearing Wigs

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  • Mistake 1: Not braiding hair underneath the wig

The key to ensuring that your wig feels secure when you wear starts with how you prepare your hair underneath. Before placing your wig on you head, you should braid your hair in cornrows. Some people don’t usually bother with putting braid foundations under the wig cap. They simply put their hair back in a ponytail or bun and put a wig on top of their hair. This is a mistake you should avoid because if your hair is not laying completely flat beneath a wig, it will appear bumpy. This is the last thing you want.

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  • Mistake 2: Failing to wash your hair regularly

Wigs should be cared for just like you would do with your natural hair. Pamper your wig and it will serve you long a long period. It is always advisable to wash your wig after every 10 wears to get rid of oil and dirt buildup. When washing your hair, detangle it first, wash it gently with cold, running water, and remember to apply conditioner too and rinse it. After that, let your wig dry completely.

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  • Mistake 3: Not moisturizing the wig

Wigs aren’t like hats which you can just wear and go your way. They are also not like your natural hair which produces its oils. So you need to oil, comb, and style them if you want to maintain their vibrancy. If you neglect your wigs, they will not only look ugly but they will tangle easily, reducing their lifespan.

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  • Mistake 4: Failing to bleach and pluck the knots

If you want your wig to appear as natural as it can, you need bleach the knots. Lace wigs are typically created by hand-sewing individual strands to a mesh base, creating tiny knots at the end. When hair used is darker, the knots appear as black dots that are very noticeable, especially where the unit is parted. To conceal them, you can either pluck them or bleach them. But be careful not to over-pluck them.

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  • Mistake 5: Not putting much effort into styling the wig

Styling your wig is crucial. There is no way they will look fantastic if you don’t style them. Moreover, how you style your wig can also make or break how it looks in the end. While your hair may be fake, you still want to convince people that it is growing out of your scalp. So you should style your wig with care and give yourself enough time to style it to your taste so that is appears as natural as possible.

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