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How To Set The Selling Price Of Mink Eyelashes?

How To Set The Selling Price Of Mink Eyelashes?

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You should conduct surveys to understand the consumption levels of your target customers and competitors. Only by knowing them and knowing yourself can you win.
How to develop a price strategy step by step?

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1. Check your expenses
If you want a perfect price strategy, which is the basic requirement, then you should check each cost of the line of business cost. List your total consumption, and then you can calculate the cost of each eyelash.
Don’t just check the cost sent to you by the mink fur supplier, and this is just the exact cost of your mink whip, you should add shipping, packaging, remittance and mailing costs, your mark-up costs, website, photos, office , Employees, office, computer, your time and energy, etc.

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2. Conduct market research.
You can use your keywords and Google, and you will find many competitors and compare them with their mink eyelashes. Don’t just focus on price, make sure to find eyelashes of the same quality and order a test. Why place an order?
After completing the entire order, you will find more detailed information. After receiving the order, open the box to find the secret. When you see the prices of your competitors, you can easily calculate your profit as long as you make a list of costs.
Therefore, if you may have many marketing strategies, you can make more money from the eyelashes business line.

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