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How To Reduce The Cost Of Each Pair Of Mink Lashes?

How To Reduce The Cost Of Each Pair Of Mink Lashes?

First, you can order more eyelashes to get a lower price.
Because most Mink Lash Vendors provide wholesale services. The more you order, the lower the unit price.

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Second, order the Custom Eyelash Packaging together.
Some eyelash suppliers can customize eyelash boxes. If you order eyelash boxes together, they will provide you with a preferential price.

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Third, refuse free gifts from suppliers and apply for discounts from your mink Lash Vendors.
If you work with some Wholesale Lash Vendors, they will give you some gifts, some mink fur suppliers can apply for discounts instead of gifts, but this may not work, some of the best eyelash suppliers will not do this to increase Eyelash price. Because they only provide the best quality eyelashes.

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Fourth, pay the deposit
Never miss the opportunity to get a low price. Then you can pay the deposit first, and pay the balance when you have money, you can choose to order in bulk to get the right price.
As you know, some popular styles need to wait to get. Therefore, you can pay a deposit first and the eyelash supplier can keep the order for you.Wholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging

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