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How To Become A VIP Customer Of Piaget Lashes?

How To Become A VIP Customer Of Piaget Lashes?

Anyone wants to get a good discount when buying anything, so you should know that to get a good discount, you need to be a good customer first! Of course, Piaget Lashes has set up VIP for our customers in Laorche Lashes Mink Eyelash Vendors. If you are a VIP customer, you will enjoy the treatment of discount and small gift!

Custom Eyelash Box

1.Buy more than three times

First of all, it must be the purchase times. When you first purchase, you only place the order of sample! Wait until the second time when you place a large order, but are afraid that we can’t deliver the goods on time. But when you receive the second order, you still want to place the third order from us, which proves that you have enough trust in us, and have decided to let us become your permanent Eyelash Vendor! So we will give you enough trust, upgrade you to become our VIP customers!

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2.Customers who actively promote our brand

Why can active promotion of our brand become our VIP? If you take the initiative to put a good product picture or video on your social media after receiving the order, and provide text to explain where you bought it from, it is promoting for us! This means that you have tied up the value of our Mink Eyelash Vendors with your sales system, which is the embodiment of value. Only one family can do it! So we will upgrade you to our VIP customers, which is also the embodiment of loyalty !

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