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Eyelash Packaging Bag!——New Choice For Eyelash Business!

Eyelash Packaging Bag!——New Choice For Eyelash Business!

Piaget Lashes are the Best 3D Mink Lash Vendors From China, We are the top 5 Brands in USA Market . And also a famous manufacturer of Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes is the TOP 10 Brands in China and USA.

《Cheap Wholesale Eyelash Prices Near Me》

Lash Vendors7D Circle 20MM Mink Lashes

Piaget Lashes Vendors is Mink Lash Vendor wholesale more than 100 styles,We use natural shedding mink lashes, zero cruelty, high quality. We as Lash Vendors have our own designers and design team and update Wholesale Lashes styles every month. we also could customize any style as customer’s sample.

Wholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging

Piaget Lashes is a professional Wholesale Vendors For Lashes and Lash Packaging Vendors from China. Now we provide customers with more packaging options-packaging bags.

《What Is the Best Mink Lash Vendor For Your Lash Business?》

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The biggest advantage of the packaging bag is that its capacity is large enough that we can sell bundled eyelash packages with the smallest capacity.

Mink Lashes Wholesale

For example, we can sell eyelashes + brushes as a basic package, upgrade points, can put tweezers, and glue.Even two pairs of eyelashes.

Wholesale Vendors For Lashes

We provide customers with this bag for free, which is our sincerity to customers, and provides 6 color bags to choose from.

Eyelash Wholesale Vendor

At the same time this bag is also suitable for our new product eyeliner pen

Lash Packaging Vendor

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  1. Hi My name is Jasmine Orr and I a self Taught, free lance makeup artist: I currently in my last couple months of beauty school and I would like to start my own cosmetic/ lash line. I want to create a sample lash book of 5 different styles of 25 mm lashes (at least 20 pair of lashes in each booklet packaging). How much would it cost?

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