Mink Lash Vendors USA Custom Eyelash Packaging

Piaget Lashes are the Best 3D Mink Lash Vendors From China, We are the top 5 Brands in Wholesale Mink Lashes USA Market . And also a famous manufacturer of Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes is the TOP 10 Brands in China and USA.

5D Circle 25MM Mink Lashes

Piaget Lashes is professional great quality of mink Lash Wholesale and Custom Eyelash Box manufactureis, we have more than 100 styles Wholesale Lashes,We use natural shedding mink lashes, zero cruelty, high quality. We as Lash Vendors have our own designers and design team and update Mink Eyelashes Vendors styles every month. 

Wholesale Vendors Brazilian Bundle Hair

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Mink Lashes

Piaget Lashes is a Mink Eyelash Vendors and Eyelash Packaging Wholesale from China. our lashes are 100% handmade and 100% Siberian mink hair.We specialized in Wholesale Mink Lashes : 3D mink lashes,25mm mink lashes,20mm mink lashes,22mm mink lashes. If you want looking for Lash Vendors, we are defimitely your best choice!

3D Mink Lash Vendors

  • 25mm Siberian Mink Lashes Vendors
  1. Piaget Lashes as one of the Best 3D Mink Lash Vendors in China,  has launched a variety of popular eyelashes on the Wholesale Vendors For Lashes market. Our D&M team believes that eyes are the window of the soul and should show the charm and personality of women, so they designed and launched 25mm Siberian mink lashes to the market, and 25mm Siberian mink lashes are widely used and popularized by women all over the world, especially in the United States.

25MM Mink Lashes

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Eyelash Vendors

  • 22mm Mink Eyelash Vendors
  1. 22mm mink lashes series in distinctive styles are specially designed to suit different needs of customers. Unlike eyelashes offered by other Wholesale Lash Vendors, every series of our 22mm Mink Lashes features different length, thickness.

22MM Mink Lashes

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  • 20mm Mink Lash Vendor
  1. Our annual sales are higher than other Lash Vendor, and our quality is unmatched by them. Our 20mm mink eyelashes are healthy, comfortable, easy to wear and environmentally friendly, and can be reused 30 times.
  2. 20mm mink lashes are dramatic, between natural style and long dramatic. It is neither exaggerated nor natural. 20mm mink lashes are suitable for various occasions, they can show the beauty and charm of women., you don’t have to worry, you can wear 20mm mink lashes under any circumstances!

20MM Mink Lashes

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  • 16mm Mink Eyelash Vendors USA
  1. The designer took into account the customers who wear eyelashes in daily life, and designed and produced a style that favors natural wide eyelashes.
  2. The 16mm DW series tends to be natural style, more natural, more suitable for daily wear, and also suitable for people who usually wear glasses

16MM 3D Mink Lashes

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  • 13mm Mink Wholesale Lashes Vendors
  1. This Natural Lash Vendors Mink style of eyelashes is usually very short, so you can call them “short mink eyelashes”.
    If your clients want to make natural eyelash makeup, they will choose Natural Mink Lash as their first choice.

13MM Mink Lashes

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New Serise Fluffy Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA

Nowadays, many girls like more curly Mink Eyelash Vendors. Piaget Lashes follow the fashion trend. Our designers have designed new fluffy series  for 20mm and 25mm Mink Lashes Vendor. If you like exaggerated makeup and full and fluffy eyelashes, you You must not miss them!

7D Mink Lash Vendors Wholesale

  • 20mm 6D Mink Wholesale Eyelash Vendors
  1. Piaget Lashes is a successful Vendors For Lashes has own lashes style designer. 6D mink lashes are a kind of attractive eyelashes with 6D effect, which are loved by most female consumers.
  2. 6D mink lashes are more fluffy than 3D eyelashes because of the different sizes of people’s visual effects.
  3. 6D mink lashes are more curly, which means they have more curvature.
  4. 6D mink lashes are more chaotic, which is what most consumers are looking for.

20MM 6D Mink Lashes

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  • 25mm 5D Wholesale Mink Lashes
  1. Piaget Lashes is one of the best 5D mink Wholesale Lashes Vendor on the market. We are the best 25mm Siberian Mink Lashes Wholesale in the United States, providing the best 5D mink Lash Vendors at a cheap wholesale price.
    Today will bring more and more charming and eye-catching 20MM 5D mink.
  2. All our luxurious 5D mink eyelashes are the latest mink eyelash styles, designed by our own designers, handmade, soft and comfortable, and easy to use.

25MM 5D Mink Lashes

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Wholesale Lash Vendors

Wholesale Brazilian Human Virgin Hair Bundles

  1. Piaget Lashes has launched Human Virgin Hair Wholesale, can do length from 8-40inch,also have Lace Closure and Lace Frontal.As the same as Mink Lashes, Piaget Lashes will do high-quality hair products,and will be Best Wholesale Hair Vendors.
  2. Now Piaget Lashes as a Virgin Hair Vendors, has launched 5 styles hair bundles, in the future, Piaget Lashes will launch more hair Bundles styles.

Brazilian Human Virgin Hair

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Do You Guys Do Lash Samples?

  1. 90% of customers will choose to order eyelash samples before buy in bulk. Piaget Lashes as professional Eyelash Vendors Wholesale have more than 100 eyelash styles. In order to help customers not to worry about which eyelash style to choose as a sample, Piaget Lashes selected the most popular eyelash styles and made a sample pack.
  2. There has 8 sample packs,It has included 16mm to 25mm mixed,all 16mm,all 20mm,all25mm and so on.If u don’t like the style in sample pack we have,u can choose lashes style u want from our catalog.

Eyelash Sample Pack

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Custom Eyelash Packaging

  1. Piaget Lashes is a professional manufacturer of Eyelash Packaging Boxes. Most importantly, when you need your own brand Eyelash Custom Packaging, we can provide you with Customized Your Own Eyelash Packaging Box, print your logo on the Eyelash Boxes, and this way let your 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale become more perfect to attract more customers purchase your products, and make your eyelash business more successful!
  2. If you decide to order Custom Lash Packaging and Vendor For Lashes from us at the same time, we will save you a lot of trouble, transportation costs, time and energy. In addition, we also provide free packaging service (packing the eyelashes in a box) as needed, so that you can sell more eyelashes while saving time.
    You can Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging, the minimum order quantity is only 30 PCS!

Custom Eyelash Packaging

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Most Popular Custom Eyelash Packaging

Marble Design Custom Lash Boxes

Lash Vendors USA Piaget Lashes Reviews

  1. Every mink eyelash buyer knows the importance of customer feedback, because customer feedback confirms whether the quality of our eyelashes is really good and whether the style of eyelashes is really popular. In order to let more customers know that we are the best Lashes Vendors, therefore, we will conduct a lot of custom eyelash checks here, you can check it, hope it will help you.
  2. Piaget Lashes is professional great quality of mink Lashes Vendor and Custom Eyelash Packaging manufacturer,we have many customers from USA,there are our customers reviews and feedbacks,

Piaget Lashes Reviews

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Piaget Lashes Review

Design Eyelash LOGO For You Free

As you know, for Mink Eyelash Vendors your eyelash logo and brand name are like the name people can find you and call you. This is also another product and service you provide to your customers. We can help you design a FREE logo to help you start your eyelash business.

Pink Lash Packaging Vendor

  • The Symbol Of Your Wholesale Eyelashes Business.

Have your own mink eyelash brand, so that people can easily remember you and your brand name through the Lashes Logo. This is the business practice of professional Wholesale Lash Vendors.

 Sunflower Acrylic Customize Lash Boxes

  • The Symbol Of Professional Eyelashes Vendors.

When you display the Eyelash Logo and brand name, you will become a professional mink spokesperson for Wholesale Eyelash Vendors, which will promote your business development. Just like many professional cosmetics owners have their own brands. In this way, your customers can to a large extent believe that you are high-quality Vendors For Eyelashes.

Black Drawer Custom Eyelash Packaging USA

  • Promote Your Eyelash Business

In addition, if you use professional eyelash logos and Custom Lash Cases, you will get more and more regular customers. We call it a branding action.

Wholesale Eyelash Packaging

  • Spread Brand Value, Corporate Culture And Unique Personality.

The right logo can easily show your Wholesale Lashes business, and people can easily understand your product. In this way, when customers want to buy Mink Lashes Wholesale products, they can immediately think of you and ask you to Wholesale Eyelashes And Custom Packaging.

Custom Lash Packaging

  • How To Get Free Eyelash Logo?

We have free Lashes logos to help you have a professional logo. Just send us your eyelash brand name and we will design it for you within 1 hour. We provide you with efficient work.

FREE Eyelash LOGO Design

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Wholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging

Eyelash Vendors Eyelash Tweezers

Eyelash Applicator, is made of stainless steel.Our Lash Tweezers can be customized with own brand logo, custom service is supplied. We have professional designers to deal with private label process and experienced workers to print on the applicators. Custom service available with low MOQ.

Custom Eyelash Tweezers

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Custom Eyelash Tweezers

Eyelash Vendors Eyelash Glues

  1. Mink eyelash glue is an important tool for eyelashes. It not only needs the mink eyelashes to be firm, but also to make the eyes feel comfortable after wearing the eyelashes. Therefore, a good eyelash glue is very important.
  2. The Mink Eyelash Vendors USA you choose are important,Piaget Lashes Wholesale Lash Glue Vendor does not contain latex, has a pungent odor and is very comfortable for the eyes. Simultaneously. Our glue is quick-drying and can quickly create beautiful eye makeup.

Custom Eyelash Glues

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Lash Vendors Eyelash Glues

Eyelash Liner Glues/Pen

  1. Eyelash Liner Glue, can be used as eyelash glue, but also as eyeliner. The newly launched dual-use eyelash tool allows you to customize your own logo. Our eyelash glue eyeliner is quick-drying, which can better increase the beauty of your eyes.
  2. Wholosale Eyeliner Glue Pen is currently very popular in the market, most customers will choose to use eyeliner instead of glue,it is convenient to use eyeliner glue pen instead lash glue

Custom Eyelash Liner Glue/Pen

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Custom Eyelash Liner Glues/Pen With Logo

Eyelash Liner Glues/Pen Boxes

Piaget Lashes as a professional Vendors For Eyelashes and Custom Lash Box Design factory, we also design custom packaging boxes for Eyelash Liner Glue to make your products look more luxurious. We only need 30 MOQs. You can print your private brand logo.

Custom Eyelash Liner Glue/Pen Boxes

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Eyelash Liner Glues/Pen Custom Packaging

Wholesale Lip Gloss

  1. Piaget Lashes has launched 12 styles Lip Gloss, it makes your lip BlingBling, so beautiful.It has Sweet fruity.And the formula of the Lip Gloss is all natural, without any additives.
  2. Our lip gloss tube can print your logo at the same time, which can help you expand your brand. The minimum order quantity for printing logo is only 3 sets.

Custom Lip Gloss Labels

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  1. We also have bottled lip oils. The packaging is stronger than plastic Wholesale Lip Gloss and has better sealing properties. The dosage can be strictly controlled. It will not squeeze out too much at one time and cause waste. We have the best-selling nude lip oil, which can protect Keep your lips moisturized all day long.

Custom Bottled Wholesale Lip Gloss

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Customize Lip Gloss Tube

  1. If u do Lip Gloss business,Lip Gloss Tubes is essential.A variety of Lip Gloss Tubes will help you attract more customers.
  2. Piaget Lashes also can Custom Lip Gloss Tube, factory can print ur logo on the bottle,moq is only 30pcs.There are 18 styles u can choose.

Lip Gloss Tube

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  1. We also have more simple and portable lipgloss tube, which is very suitable for people who just started the Lip Gloss Wholesale Supplies business. You can print your logo on the tube to expand your brand

Simple Lip Gloss Tube

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How To Start A Lash Line & Eyelash Brand?

Many girls want to have their own business, Lashes Wholesale is a good choice, but for those who are new to the Vendors For Eyelashes business,but they have no idea about this so that they don’t know how to start.

Tape Bratz Lash Packaging Vendors

Do u want to start eyelash business? Do u want to have ur own lash brand?Do u want to earn money through lash business for ur life? Next,professional Wholesale Lashes Vendor Piaget Lashes will show u how to do it, hope can help u.

Lash Packaging Wholesale

  • Have Own Mink Lashes Logo

If u want to have ur own lash barnd, u must be have ur own logo. Each excellent mink eyelash brand all has its own unique eyelash logo, which will give customers the priority to find your eyelash brand in the market.

Eyelash Packaging Vendors

  • Make A Lashes Wholesale Market Research

Let us first look at a set of data: In 2017, the sales of false eyelashes in the United States were approximately US$206.4 million. In 2018, sales increased to 269.7 million.but in 2019, eyelashessales increased to $313 million. It can be seen that Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA is a profitable business method.

Wholesale Lashes And Packaging

You need to have an accurate Mink Eyelash Vendors USA market positioning for your eyelash brand, which depends on your market research. For example,the length and appearance of Mink Lashes Vendor they prefer; The price range of eyelashes acceptable to customers and so on. It is important for u to start eyelash business.

Black Drawer Custom Eyelash Box Packaging

However,The Wholesale Mink Lashes market is very fierce, and the quality of products from Lash Venders is also uneven. You should formulate the right marketing strategy to prepare the foundation for starting your eyelash business.

Chocolate Brown Custom Lash Box Packaging

  • Choose A Professional And Trustworthy Eyelash Vendors

Choosing a professional Mink Eyelash Vendors Wholesale is very crucial, because it is related to the price, quality, supply stability and final profit of your product

Custom Eyelash Boxes With Logo

So what is the Professional And Trustworthy Mink Eyelash Vendor? First,Professional 3D Mink Eyelash Vendors should have their own eyelash design team; Second, Professional Mink Eyelashes Vendors should provide high-quality Mink lashes products; Third, Professional Mink Lash vendors should should ship ur order on time, it is important for ur business; And the last one, Professional Mink Lash vendors should have a great after-sales service team.

Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging Box

  • Choose Popular Lashes Style

Based on your market research, you should know the eyelash length and eyelash style that your customers prefer.A professional Vendor For Lashes will definitely have eyelash styles of different lengths.According to market research, select the eyelash style and length that your customer likes from the eyelash catalog provided by the supplier.

Diy Eyelash Packaging

If you still don’t know how to choose eyelash styles, Piaget Lashes chose the best-selling eyelash styles according to the customer’s ordering needs and made 8 sample packs, which cover all eyelash lengths and are matched by the best-selling eyelash styles.

20mm Mink Lashes Wholesale

  • Promote Ur Eyelash Business

After everything is ready, the next most important step is to promote your Lash Vendors business.there are some ways of Marketing to promote your online lashes business.

You can set up a social account to promote your eyelash business, like Instagram,Pinterest,Snapchat,Facebook and so on. It would be great if you could have a website of your own eyelash brand. Website is the most effective way to promote the eyelash business.

Wholesale Eyelash Packaging

You can use eyelashes to start your own beauty makeup tutorial. Teach your customers how to make up to make themselves more beautiful. In this process, you can use your own brand of eyelashes to promote the quality and advantages of eyelashes to your customers.

Custom Eyelash Boxes With Logo

You can create a Youtube account, shoot and upload to your youtube video, let more customers see your eyelash products and quality, to win more eyelash orders
For the above three points, the most important thing is that you have to take photos and videos that can attract customers. Allow customers to intuitively feel the degree and quality of eyelashes from photos or videos

Custom Eyelash Box Packaging

Why Cooperate With Piaget Lashes?

Technology: Our Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes are handmade, because to ensure the symmetry, beauty, consistency and perfection of the Lash Wholesale, one of our workers can only make 10 pairs of Lashes Wholesale Vendors 1 day, while the 3D Mink Lashes Vendors we make The number of lashes is limited, so we can guarantee that our Lash Vendors Mink have no problem.

Eyelash Box Vendors

Ingredients: We use the longest hair on the mink tail, the peak is very long, there are no cuts, no hair follicles and hair tips, and there will be no unnatural phenomena. Our mane is cruelty-free, mainly collected during the removal of mink.

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Wholesale Mink Lash Vendors

Safety: Non-chemical processing, no pollution, no pollution, beautiful appearance will not affect your health.

Dropping Drawer Lashes Packaging

Quality: Our Mink Lashes Vendor products are reusable because our stems are made of cotton and edible rubber. The stems are very soft and the stems of the eyelashes can be immersed in water, so as long as you are careful, our mink fur eyelashes can be reused. The treatment can be repeated 20-25 times.

gold glitterMink Eyelash Vendor

Design: All models are independently developed and designed. Each model is customized according to various environments, which is very suitable for life, work, shopping, dating, Patty environment. New styles are introduced in line with the trend, and all styles can be customized.

White Drawer Wholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging

Quick delivery: If you order 10-100 pairs of eyelashes, we can deliver directly from our stock. If you order 100-1000 pairs, we will deliver within 10 days. If you order 1000-3000 pairs, we will deliver within 15 days. If you order 3000-10000 pairs, we will deliver within 30 days.

Eyelash Wholesale Vendors

Quick shipment: The logistics company we cooperate with are: FedEx(Federal Express). Shipment generally takes only 3-5 working days.

Wholesale Lashes Vendors

Why Do We Provide The Best Eyelash Wholesale Service?

Many Mink Lash Vendors put performance and profit first in their companies.For example, how many sets of false eyelashes did they sell in wholesale? How many boxes of false eyelashes did they sell? How much do they get from Wholesale Lash Vendors business?

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA

In fact, too many Lash Vendors will do this and require their salesmen to get more and more profits from Wholesale Lash Vendors. Of course, getting more and more profits is still the number one priority for wholesale eyelashes 25mm mink whip business, but it is not the only criterion. Instead, our metric is to provide better customer service. This is very important to us.

Light Pink Lash Packaging Vendors

  • Why Do We Provide The Best Service?
  1. Our wholesale mink eyelashes sales team will bring you the most professional knowledge to you
    If you want to make 3D Wholesale Lash Vendors, they will help you choose the best-selling products and provide you with targeted buying advice. They will provide you with competitive wholesale prices and help you save money.

Mink Eyelash Vendors

  • The creative design team provides strong support

  1. Our professional designer team has designed many fashionable mink eyelashes in the market. For example 3D 25MM mink and other 7D mink. All products on the market are unique, many distributors named after their own style, we provide Wholesale Lashes services with private labels.

Wholesale Eyelashes And Custom Packaging

How to improve our service level?
1. Guarantee the quality of wholesale mink eyelashes
We use high-quality mink fur to make our eyelashes in order to keep our mink eyelashes fluffy, soft and comfortable to wear. It is important to keep the latest styles to attract customers

Custom Lash Box Design

2. Improve after-sales service
Due to the first-class quality, our after-sales service team will help our sales team to serve customers with 24-hour service. They will solve all the problems you encounter in the market and collect them into our design team and product team.

Custom Eyelash Box With Butterflies

No matter what you encounter, no matter what, if you cooperate with us, you will not worry about your business scope. Our luxurious eyelashes and top service will bring you success.

Why Piaget Lahes Vendor Recommended To Buy Handmade Eyelashes ?

Many high-end items are mostly hand-made by artisans. Therefore, compared with mass-produced products by other machines, hand-made items are more refined and can be used for a longer time. Piaget Lash Vendors have always insisted on producing handmade eyelashes, so we are very confident in our eyelashes.

Lash Packaging Vendor

Lashes of Mink Lash Vendors Piaget are 100% handmade eyelashes. We have our own eyelash factory, and each step has dedicated personnel to arrange the eyelashes according to our drawings. The length of our mink eyelashes is 13mm, 16mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm. You can in Piaget Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA find the most natural and dramatic eyelashes here, because we have more than 100 eyelash styles. We have been producing these 100 eyelashes strictly in accordance with the design drawings. The production process used for different warped eyelashes is also different, our customers are very responsible.

Custom Eyelash Boxes With Logo

What are the benefits of hand-made eyelashes?

First of all, in the process of making handmade eyelashes, our workers will choose the quality of eyelashes. We only choose high-quality mink eyelashes as our raw materials. Therefore, compared with eyelashes produced by other machines, Piaget Mink Lashes Vendor’ eyelashes It will not contain other low-quality eyelashes, ensuring the quality of the luxury eyelash line for customers.

Custom Eyelash Packaging Vendors

Secondly, Wholesale Lash Vendors Piaget use black cotton thread stems to make, this material is stronger, can firmly hold the eyelashes, and the cotton thread is characterized by softness. When you wear the eyelashes of the eyelash stem, your eyes will not feel discomfort, which meets the requirements of people to engage in basic eyelashes. A pair of excellent eyelashes can be reused, and the eyelashes of Best 3D Mink Lash Vendors Piaget can be reused 15-20 times. I am very willing to help you start eyelash business, please contact us quickly.

Wholesale Lashes And Packaging

FAQ You Care About

1.Can you send me your catalogs and price?

A:As we have many items,so please inform us the items,sizes and Custom Eyelash Boxes you interseted in, so that capable to offer the price lists to you for your reference.

Diamond Marble Custom Eyelash Packaging

2.What’s your delivery time?

A:Usually delivery for samples is within 5 days. For mass production is on about 10-15 days after receiving your deposit.

Lash Vendors

Pink Money Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA

3. If I not satisfied with our lash, what should I do?

A: please directly contact our Trade Manager Kim, we’d like give you the feedback within 24h.

Custom Eyelash BoxesRose Gold Wholesale Lashes Vendor

4.For first time cooperation, we don’t like use T/T payment terms, what can we do?

A:We can accept Paypal,Alibaba trade Assurance order and Debit Card and so on.

Passport Wholesale Eyelashes And Custom Packaging

5.How many eyelashes of different lengths?

A:We have 16mm,20mm,22mm and 25mm different length mink lashes.

Eyelash Custom PackagingCellphone Brztz Custom Eyelash Boxes

6.How many times can it be used?

A:Our high quality mink lashes can be used 20-30 times.

Custom Eyelash Boxes With Logo

7.What is the minimum order quantity of lashes?

A:our mink lashes don’t have MOQ, you can order any quantity you need, also can mix the lash styles you are interested in. we do wholesale, so you order more will cost-effective.

Custom Eyelash PackagingLV Diamond Wholesale Lash Vendors

8.What kind of boxes are there?

Square, rectangular, diamond, drawer and other magnet boxes, round and rectangular acrylic boxes,paper boxes. and we also accept private customized boxes.

mink eyelash wholesale distributor usaPassport Eyelash Packaging

How To Cooperate With Your Eyelash Vendors Wholesale?

There are only two cases you should consider:

First, when you cooperate with your Eyelash Vendors at the first time.

You do not familiar with your Lashes Vendor, so you should make a sample order first, and test the quality first, and they make a small order to check again. And make the bulk order at the third purchase.
As we said, the sample order must be the good one, and some Mink Lash Vendors chooses the top quality mink lashes as the sample order for purpose, and when you make another order, they will supply cheap bad mink lashes to you.

How To Place Order With Us

1.After you place an oreder, we will sign a contract or make an order confirmation signed by both sides.

2.After confirming the order, we will wait for your payment. You can pay by T/T . Paypal .Alibaba Trade assurrance .

mink eyelash wholesale distributor usaPink Dropping Eyelash Packaging

3.On your payment, we will arrange the manufacture and packaging of goods immmediately.

4.The goods would be delivered to you by Fedex. And we will tell you the tracking number to make sure you can get your goods on time.Only 3-5 business days you can receive them.

Candy Nerds Custom Eyelash Packaging USA

5.We provide very professional and comprehensive after sales service. If you have any problrms after receiving our goods, you can contact us. We will do our best to solve your problems and make you satisfied.

6.If you have any inquiries, ideas, or feedbacks, you can contact us through Email or WhatsApp. Your ideas and opinion do matter a lot to us!

Please Have A Look At Our Catalogue

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How To Order Our Wholesale Mink Eyelashes ?