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Why Your Lash Line So Hot ??

Why Your Lash Line So Hot ??

Why the feedback from customers different from that of other Eyelash Vendors?
Why the Piaget Lashes prices higher than other Lash Vendors the customers still keep to buy it?
Why do customers with other Wholesale Lash Vendors buy eyelashes with low prices instead of getting high profits?

Many customers of  Piaget Lashes came back and said: “Kim, I am ready to place an order again. Every time my order will be sold quickly, my customers love them!”
But many new customers think this is an exaggeration, because the lashes ordered from other suppliers are sold too poorly, they have lost confidence in the eyelash business, and the eyelash business has failed ! Check Here<<Customers’ Reviews List Of Our Mink Eyelashes

Piaget Lashes Review

If you want to get a better profit and buy cheap eyelashes to sell, this will only be a one-time business, please don’t forget that your customers have perception.
When customers receive the product and find that the quality is poor, the eyelashes are shed and have a pungent smell, they will not buy it again and the eyelash business will fail.

Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

Many Lash Vendors have sent our product catalog to customers, saying that it is a high-quality product, and the price is very low, which makes the customer very satisfied, but after receiving the product, the customer found that the quality is too low!
Customers feel deceived, so such an eyelash supplier will not succeed. We recommend using high-quality mink eyelash suppliers, which can guarantee the quality of the products and keep more customers, let them buy again, the business will get better and better.

《Custom Butterfly Eyelash Packaging》

Lash Vendors USA

We also need customized packaging to sell eyelashes. High-quality eyelashes also need beautiful box decorations. Otherwise, people will not buy eyelashes with cheap packaging for 20$, and they will think that eyelashes are not valuable.

《What Should You Do To Attract Customers After You Start Your Lash Line?》

Custom Lash Cases

Piaget Lashes have many box styles to choose from, and we will launch special Custom Packaging according to various festivals. Our minimum order quantity is only 30 PCS , and we have professional designers provide free design services for customized packaging orders. It is very suitable for people who just started their own eyelash business.

Custom Eyelash Box Packaging

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