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Why Is The Price Of Eyelashes So Different?

Why Is The Price Of Eyelashes So Different?

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more and more attention to the pursuit of beauty. Many customers are very confused when looking for Mink Lash Vendors. Why do some eyelashes cost 1-2 dollars, which is so cheap, and some eyelashes cost 5-6 dollars? How are they different? Now I will answer your question.

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1. Different Eyelashes Quality

Piaget Lashes is professional Eyelash Vendors Wholesale , providing customers with high-quality eyelash products and Eyelash Box Vendors. We do not produce low quality and low price mink eyelashes, our eyelashes can be used 15-20 times. And those low-priced products can only be used once, so it seems that our eyelashes are very cost-effective.

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2. Different materials

Our eyelashes are high-quality Siberian mink eyelashes, which are close to human hair, very light and soft. Very comfortable after wearing. The cheap eyelashes are mostly synthetic man-made fiber eyelashes, which are very abrupt and easy to break after wearing.

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3. Production Process
Our mink eyelashes are all handmade, which ensures that the production of each pair of eyelashes takes more time. Unlike the mass production of the factory, each pair of eyelashes has its own soul and is produced by hand. The process makes the eyelashes look more attractive.

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4. Different design styles
Piaget Lashes are all designed by our designers. We designed very popular styles based on market research. A factory without a designer will only copy the existing models on the market. A good pair of eyelashes will make you look Out of the ordinary.

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