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Why Are Our Mink Eyelashes So Comfortable To Wear?

Why Are Our Mink Eyelashes So Comfortable To Wear?

First, 25mm mink eyelashes means that the length from the top to the end is 25mm, which means that the length of the raw mink is not the length of the finished eyelashes. As a professional luxury Mink Lash Vendors, we use the best mink fur materials.

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If you touch the real mink skin, you will find that its hand feel is harder than our 25mm Siberian Mink Lashes Wholesale. Because we collect the mink hair from the slender young mink that they naturally shed during the production process, which has a perfect feel and appearance. Minks of different ages have different hair quality.

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The scientific production process of our factory will protect the mink and keep the original appearance. In fact, most eyelash suppliers choose chemical treatments to create 3D effects. It will not be a healthy method, and it will damage the mink fur.
We use physical heating to fix the style of eyelashes. This process is more time-consuming, but there are no harmful chemicals, so our mink eyelashes have no peculiar smell and are very safe.

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