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Why Are Mink Lashes So Expensive?

Why Are Mink Lashes So Expensive?

Many people who start their own lash business or buy mink eyelashes will have the same question. Why are striped mink eyelashes so much more expensive than other eyelashes on the market?

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There are two main reasons:

One is material.
All mink lashes are made of natural mink hair. The best mink hair comes from Siberian mink, which is the best raw material for making top luxury mink eyelashes. It is much more expensive than human hair, horse hair, silk or other synthetic materials.

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Second, the process.
All mink eyelashes are made by hand, not by machine. Therefore, it took too much time to produce them. When it comes to the price of mink eyelashes, you should know what kind of mink eyelashes you are buying.Mink Eyelash Vendors

If you buy natural mink fur false eyelashes, the wholesale price ranges from 3-6 US dollars per pair.

For example, if you buy 16MM mink eyelashes, the wholesale price ranges from 3-4 US dollars according to the quality and quantity ordered. If you order 25mm long dramatic mink false eyelashes, the wholesale price is $5-6.

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Therefore, you can buy wholesale mink eyelashes and can check the number of eyelashes that can be ordered from the market. Moreover, if you know the retail price in the market, you will know the profit of the 3D mink whip business.

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