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Which lashes are better? Mink lashes or synthetic lashes?

Which lashes are better? Mink lashes or synthetic lashes?

Well, this is a good question and it is a complex answer I will reply one by one.
1.Quality of the two.
The mink fur is the natural mink fur from the minks, so this material is much more vivid and gorgeous than the synthetic lashes. And the mink lashes is much popular in the market, most of girls love them very much.

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2. Market of the two.
So it depends on the customer, some girls love mink lashes, and some love synthetic lashes, so if you want to do these two, you should test your market, and the data of your market will tell you the answer if you should do it or not.

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What is the difference between mink lashes and synthetic lashes?

1. Material
The mink lashes is made of the real mink fur, which is fluffy and vivid.
The synthetic lashes is made by fiber or plastic materials, and they are as same as the mink fur, but you can tell them apart easily.

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2. Price
The mink lashes is much more expensive than the synthetic lashes, and if you want to buy the lashes at a cheap price, you may choose synthetic lashes.
3. Service life
The real mink lashes can use up to 25 uses, and if you choose the synthetic lashes, they you may only use one time , and they can be easily destroyed.

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