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What Should I Do If I Find Mink Eyelash Vendors?

What Should I Do If I Find Mink Eyelash Vendors?

Usually, you will first make a sample order of 3D mink Wholesale Lashes to test the style and quality. What should you do when you receive the 3D Mink Lash Vendors order? In this article, we will share tips for you to help you distinguish the best eyelashes from the bad eyelashes.

《What a good eyelash vendor should do for you ?》

Custom Eyelash Packaging

After confirming the samples, can you place an order for 3D mink in bulk? Do not! In the Internet age, trust is the foundation. But building trust requires a process.
To avoid falling into the sample trap, extreme care should be taken. Many of my customers told Piaget Lashes that many 3D mink fur wholesalers sent them good eyelash samples, and when they ordered 3D mink eyelashes in bulk, they were different from the sample order.

《Why Is The Price Of Eyelashes So Different?》

Custom Eyelash Boxes

And, when you receive the sample, you should test the eyelash sample, and if you want to know how to test the quality of the eyelash sample, you can read the useful blog and post it, you will find the answer.
The best way is that you come to China and find a suitable mink fur wholesaler to help you produce a unique style, and you will occupy the local market with your own unique style.
There are many tips in the negotiation process. You are welcome to visit our website and leave us a message. We will answer all the information you want to know about eyelashes and custom packaging boxes.

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