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What Are Artificial Mink Eyelashes?

What Are Artificial Mink Eyelashes?

Artificial mink eyelashes are made of a special material called plastic fiber, which is a vegan material, very similar to real Mink Lash Vendors, but there are some major differences between artificial mink eyelashes and real mink eyelashes.

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Artificial Mink Eyelashes Vs Real Mink Fur

First, The Materials.

Artificial mink eyelashes are made of plastic fiber, and real mink eyelashes are made of 100% real mink fur.

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Second, The Weight Of The Two Eyelashes.

If you find a good Lash Vendors of artificial mink false eyelashes, then artificial mink false eyelashes are much lighter and softer than real mink false eyelashes. If you are a vegetarian, then this is the first choice to replace plastic. However, if you are not willing, then a real 100% mink whip is the best choice, it is lively and can create a perfect luxurious look.

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Third, The Price Of Both.

Artificial mink eyelashes are much cheaper than real mink eyelashes, but if you want to place a good order, you cannot choose eyelashes based on price alone.
You should know the needs and feelings of your customers, and buy the best quality and safe artificial mink eyelashes to meet the market demand. And they will bring you huge customers and profits.

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Usually the mink skin of artificial mink eyelashes is 1 to 2.5 dollars depending on your quantity. Of course, you can buy them very cheaply.The price of real mink fur is much more expensive, if you choose the best mink eyelashes, depending on your style and quantity, mink fur is about US$4 to US$6.

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Are Artificial Mink Eyelashes Vegan?

Absolutely! First of all, the raw materials are made of special materials synthesized from vegan materials. The eyelashes of artificial mink fur are very similar to real mink fur.

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