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Production Chain Of Eyelash Factory Piaget Lashes

Production Chain Of Eyelash Factory Piaget Lashes

1. Prepare the raw materials.
Human hair eyelashes. India and Southeast Asia are the origins of wholesale human hair because women have very long hair. Siberia Mink fur is a very famous producing area for mink hair. It is fluffy, smooth, soft and long. It is a very valuable raw material for Mink Lash Vendors .Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

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Second, raw material processing.
Most Lash Vendors factories want to choose a North Korean eyelash factory to do this work, because the work is very slow and it takes too much time due to the low labor cost in North Korea.

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But for us, we will do all this by ourselves to create perfect eyelashes. Our skilled workers can only make ten pairs of luxurious mink eyelashes a day. Therefore, our luxurious eyelashes are different from ordinary eyelashes on the market. Our eyelashes use Siberian mink hair, which is designed by our own designer and hand-made by workers, which gives the eyelashes a soul.

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Third, the core technology.
Because the 3D effect of using chemical liquids to make eyelashes is low cost and short, most eyelash factories will choose chemical liquids to make eyelashes
But we don’t do this, because this chemical liquid does damage your eyes and skin to a certain extent. And we use physical heat treatment to make 3D effect and curl. Therefore, our eyelashes are safe, they are truly harmless and non-toxic.

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