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How To Sell Eyelash Tools Better?

How To Sell Eyelash Tools Better?

Piaget Lashes is a Mink Eyelash Vendors and Eyelash Manufacturer from China. We specialized in Wholesale Mink Lashes.When we are selling eyelashes, customers may need some tools to help them wear eyelashes daily. We must be prepared for this.

Eyelashes Tools

First of all, when we sell our own brand of eyelashes, we can order tweezers and glue with our own logo from the supplier. Because it seems that I will be more professional. Tweezers are available in many colors.

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Then need to prepare black and white glue according to the needs of glues when dry will be black like eyeliner,white glue when dry will be clear,Can adapt to different makeup.our glues are latex free and with strong stickiness.

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At the same time there is a seemingly inconspicuous gadget that is also very important, the eyelash brush. It can be used for combing eyelashes and daily eyelash cleaning. Piaget eyelashes have order discounts, and we will provide free eyelash brushes for customers’ orders.


Finally, in order to sell eyelashes and eyelash tools together, we have specially launched a new series of packaging, which can put eyelashes, glue and tweezers in the box at the same time.

Lash Book Boxes