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How to remove your Silk Mink Eyelashes correctly?

How to remove your Silk Mink Eyelashes correctly?

Why do people always say that pulling out my Silk Mink Eyelashes really hurts?

The problem is, they get sucked into the glue and they stick to the eyelids, so it’s painful to remove and accidentally pull out the Real Natural Eyelashes.

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Here are some tips to get rid of Silk Mink Eyelashes Wholesale.
When your day is over, or your party and event have come to an end, it’s time to properly remove your Silk Mink Eyelash,(mink eyelash or faux mink eyelash). Using oil to soak is a fast and safe way to remove them without causing any harm to the naturals lashes.

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All you need to do is massage the oil and let it sit for 20 seconds, which helps soften the adhesive and allows you to easily slip the lashes off. Not all oils are suitable for use on the eyes, so stick to those recommended for facial use.

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Another safe way is using glue remover.
Put a bit of the glue remover on a piece of cotton pad, and wipe at your eyelid for 30 seconds and brush the base of the Silk Mink Eyelashes Wholesale with a cotton pad or swab several times, the majority of the makeup will be gone.

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Please do not try removing your mascara at this point and wash your face with soap and water at this time.Then gently remove them by lifting the eyelash band off of the skin from the inner corner of your eye, then gently remove the remainder of the lash to the out corner. Never pull on the false eyelashes and remove them! Use the band, use the band, use the band! Store your lashes in the original eyelash box to store and let them in dry always, please.

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