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How To Make Mink Eyelashes?

How To Make Mink Eyelashes?

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《What Kind Of Mink Eyelashes Do You Have?》

First, design eyelash styles.
All the mink false eyelashes we produce are designed by our own designers. Therefore, our luxurious mink eyelashes are unique in the market.

《Where To Buy Wholesale Mink Eyelashes?》

Secondly, make the mink skin eyelash structure.
We will make a structure drawing based on the design document.
Our skilled workers put the mink fur on the structure drawing. The eyelashes are divided into many clusters. Skilled workers can only make 10 pairs of mink eyelashes a day, which is why mink eyelashes are expensive.

Third, fix it with an eyelash band.
We use soft straps to tie up the neatly arranged mink fur.
Fourth, make 3D effects.
We will use physical processes to make 3D effects, and our processes are safe and unique in the market. The perfect 3D effect can last a long time.
After finishing and proper cutting, the mink eyelashes are made.

As you know, you can choose many styles and lengths on the market. Different structures make different market styles.
After completing the market test, we will update the style of mink eyelashes.

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