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How To Get A Good Wholesale Price From Your Wholesale Lash Vendors?

How To Get A Good Wholesale Price From Your Wholesale Lash Vendors?

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《How To Get Your Own Eyelash Packages Made?》

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Most people order eyelash wholesalers to give the cheapest price when placing the first order, but this is not the case.

Because if you order a mink eyelash wholesaler, you should tell them the quantity first, and then they will give you the exact wholesale price. If you just want to know the exact wholesale price, that would be the wrong approach.

《Who Designs Free Eyelashes Logo for you?》

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First, you need to request a product catalog and order samples, just make sure that this is the product you want to order, and then your customers will like them.
Then, place a bulk order here so you can tell your salesperson the exact order and target price you want.
So they can calculate the cost for you, and if they can apply the coupon for you, hope you are satisfied. why?
The more they sell out, the more salaries the salesman will get. Therefore, if they really find it difficult to give you a good wholesale price, they should change the way they get a good wholesale price.

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In the first method, if you are a regular customer, you can ask them to provide you with coupons.
Secondly, you can add eyelashes and packaging to get a better price, the more you spend, the cheaper the price.
Third, ask for some gifts from the eyelash supplier. If you are a regular customer, you can do so and use them to promote your eyelash business.
Send all gifts to your own regular customers, and your customers will remember you and your brand name.

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