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How to apply magnetic lashes?

How to apply magnetic lashes?

It is very easy to apply magnetic strip lash than glue strip lash if you have top-grade magnetic glue. The magnetic lash will attach by itself if you make a perfect magnetic liquid line on the eye skin. And now we will show you how to apply your magnetic eyelash step by step.

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Step 1: Please shake the magnetic eyelash lotion three times before use. Because there are too many magnet powders in the magnetic glue, make sure to mix them together, Make sure to shake the bottle evenly before use.

Step 2: Then apply the liquid eyeliner evenly to your eye.

You can apply more than one time to make a good shape liner.

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Step 3: After applying the magnetic wearing, wait 20 sec or so until the solution is completely dry before wearing to make sure the best effect!

Because the magnet is contained glue, water, and magnet powder when the water is gone, the glue will attach the magnet on your eye skin, and when you apply it on your magnetic lash, it is very easy to attach to the skin.

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Step 4:When the liquid eyeliner dry put the Magnetic Eyelashes on the liquid eyeliner and adjust the lash to the right position according to the line of the magnetic liquid line.

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