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Do You Know How To Use Different False Eyelash Styles To Create Different Eye Makeup?

Do You Know How To Use Different False Eyelash Styles To Create Different Eye Makeup?

There are many types of mink eyelashes, each with its own different characteristics to meet different eye makeup needs. Here are some common styles of false eyelashes, allowing you to show off on different occasions.

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1. Curved mink eyelashes
Curved mink eyelashes are long in the middle, naturally transitioning to the ends, and more and more. This style of eyelashes is suitable for drawing the eyes with a rounder and larger eye makeup, not suitable for the charming eye makeup of elongated eyes .

Curved Mink Eyelashes

2. Cross-type mink eyelashes
The characteristic of the cross-type mink eyelashes is that they can make the eyelashes more layered and flexible, but it does not conform to the normal direction of the eyelashes and is a kind of more characteristic eyelashes.

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Cross-Type Mink Eyelashes

3. Natural mink false eyelashes
The density of natural mink false eyelashes is more natural, which can better fit the real eyelashes. Generally, the natural fish line stem is more natural and fits the eyes. It is a very everyday eyelash style.

Natural Mink False Eyelashes

4. Mink eyelashes with short front and long back

The mink false eyelashes with short front and long back are also called wing style, which is very suitable for some charming eye makeup. It can make the eyelashes at the end of the eye show a natural curling feeling, which can lengthen the eyes.

Mink Eyelashes With Short Front And Long Back

5. Thick mink false eyelashes
Thick mink false eyelashes are relatively exaggerated. We also call them dramatic eyelashes. It is suitable for some heavy makeup, such as stage makeup, creative makeup, etc.

Thick Mink False Eyelashes

6. Partially thick mink eyelashes
Partially thick mink eyelashes are both natural and thick. The unique design is not only natural, but also can adjust the eye shape very well.

Partially Thick Mink Eyelashes

7. Slender mink eyelashes
Slim mink eyelashes are generally used in makeup that emphasizes the exaggeration of eyelashes, and can also be used in fashion makeup.

Slender Mink Eyelashes