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Are Mink Lashes Synthetic?

Are Mink Lashes Synthetic?

In fact, “Real Mink” false eyelashes are made of mink fur, while “Faux Mink” false eyelashes are made of artificial fur. If you do not have a professional Mink Lashes Vendor, you can buy artificial fur mink eyelashes.

《How Can I Get A Lash Vendors?》

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First, your Eyelash Vendors should ensure that the raw material is mink fur, and then use real mink to produce mink lashes.
Therefore, if you don’t know anything about mink fur, you should go to a professional testing agency for monitoring. And it is difficult to detect components by conventional methods.
The simple way is that you should choose a trusted wholesale false eyelash manufacturer, such as Piaget Lashes.

《What’s The Advantage Of The Lashes Business?》

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Our raw materials are all 100% natural mink, they come from Siberian mink and Chinese mink, they are naturally black and fluffy. Very soft and luxurious appearance.
All mink skins are sterilized by heat treatment. Therefore, our luxurious eyelashes are very safe and green, but other eyelashes are made of chemical liquid. That is very dangerous.

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If you wear chemical eyelashes, your eyelashes will be damaged every day.
Therefore, if you want to start your own false eyelashes business line. You should choose a wholesaler carefully.

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