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How To Start A Business Line With Free Eyelash Packaging ?

How To Start A Business Line With Free Eyelash Packaging ?

More and more people would like to start a 3D mink lashes on line with little budget, and today we will help you Start Your Lashes Business Line easily with little money.

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1 What Is Free Eyelash Packaging ?
Free eyelash packaging is the plastic clear box which is light and soft. So it can protect the mink fur very well when it comes to the safety of the shipping .And you can see from the video to get more info about the Free Eyelash Box.Or you can ask for us directly whatsapp, we will help you make the best choice and way to start your mink lashes business line with Free Lashes Packagings.

Free Lashes Packagings Box

2 Can The Free Eyelash Packagings Be Customized?
Yes.As you saw from the video , and you can send us your brand name and logo , and we can do custom label for you and you can add your logo sticker on the surface of the Clear Free Eyelash Packaging which looks so beautiful and professional.

Clear Free Eyelash Packaging

3 Why Choose Free Eyelash Packaging To Start Your Lashes Business Line ?

First , cheap.

Yes, this is the main reason to choose this eyelash box.The free clear plastic box is light but can protect your mink eyelash very well .so you can use it to be your eyelash packaging and you can add to your logo on it to make a beautiful eyelash boxes.

Beautiful Diamond Eyelash Pcakaging Boxes

Second,Low shipping cost.
As you know , freight rates vary according to the volume and weight of the goods.So the free eyelash packaging can save a lot of shipping cost because of the low weight and volume

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Third , promote the sales.
Is that true ?Yes , people choose free eyelash packaging sale the mink lashes much faster than the one who do magnetic custom eyelash packaging.There are two reasons :

The first reason is Time.

We can ship the free eyelash packaging with 24 hours but the magnetic custom packaging will need about 10 business day.And the one who choose the free eyelash packagings has sold them out and the one who choose magnetic eyelash box are still under production.

Magnetic Custom Packaging Boxes

The second reason is that the clear one is clear .So that the customer can see the whole shape and structure of the lashes .which will help the customer make the purchase if you choose the right style of the mink lashes .

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